I have been working this for a while now and have an early version to show here:


This image shows the LED setup screen, Here you click the white cells in order from the origin LED to your end LED as they are on your monitor. If you dot have a monitor setup other styles will be added in later on. The left column is the program menu in Tree format, The bottom right big window is the debug log which can be hidden from Preferences and also saved from there. The bottom part of the program shows your Left and Right speaker levels via the bars, Displays your current data send rate stats and Log stats.

hotkeysThis is the hotkey manager screen, Here you can add, edit, delete and toggle hotkeys. Currently hotkeys take exclusive use, so using “A” for a hotkey will disable A being used anywhere else, This will be changed in the future.


This is the Left Right settings panel, here you can edit the colours and sub modes it contains. The two bars on the side show the current colour of the LEDs. The mode is changed via the tool bar just above. All the other mode panels use the same setup as seen:


All settings are saved to a Ini config and can easily be edited outside the program.

The mood light panel is currently a placeholder, This will be for a mode similar to that of Adalight. This would capture each frame from your display using DirectX, Using the LED setup get an average colour for each section on the side of the screen and output that colour to the LEDS. The advantage of me remaking this mode with DirectX is that it will have a lower CPU impact than Adalight currently has.

I also plan to add more features other than sound capture to this, Such as wifi monitoring and battery monitoring. I am also looking for ideas to implement.

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