August 11th, 2017 – Kennyist Studios has released an Alpha version for their group based game system “KS: Party Pack” on the internet and as a source code release on github.


Bored at a party, everyone sitting on their phones? KS: party pack has the answer. Using a TV or PC screen as a host everyone can join in from their own devices. KS: party pack is a game service providing a range of games to play as a group, Got your own idea for a game? Great, KS: party pack also features a fully documented API to allow users to create and add their games! No internet connection? KS: Party Pack also provides source code on with install and usage documentation so you can run it from your PC in no time!


Available on the internet there are no requirements needed to start playing, Just a group of friends and some time.


Kennyist Studios is an independent developer based in Plymouth, UK. Since our founding in 2013 we have worked on Websites and applications for businesses around plymouth as well as developing games for mobile and desktop. Visit us online at


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Press info: Press kit available from with screenshots and more information.

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