For the last few weeks i have been working on integrating android into a game for a project I am working on, For the idea of expanding game play. My project is a 1v1 multiplayer idea at the moment, Implementing the android integration allowed me to expand that to 2v2 by allowing one user to be on the main game and a friend on the tablet. The tablet has features such as inventory item selecting, mini-games based on in game objectives, and objective tracking. Doing this makes both people communicate to get where and do what they need to do to win the game, As-well as proving hopefully fun game-play for both sides. This was based on some of the demos shown at E3 2013.


(They where recorded at the same time, Watch at the same time for the full effect)

I accomplished this through Networking as other methods such as Blue-tooth are not common on desktop PCs at the moment. When a android device connects to a game you have to enter a code shown on the PC side, so it knows who’s device it is and who to pair to. When the game starts, Desktop players are sent to the main map where as Android devices are sent to an empty map to limit performance impact and game size for android. The mini Game shown in this demo uses the devices accelerometer to move the pick by device tilt/rotation, The aim is to the pick to clip into the red circle and press pick.

I am currently working on a downloadable version, But Unitys networking can be quite hard on people.

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