I have gone through many map designs and ideas, We started with coming up with a single huge map. This map had many objective points, entry point, exit points and so on, Meaning that when you join a game the system looks for an entry and exit point within a certain distance of each other and then finds 2 or 3 objectives based on a max total distance or similar, Creating a new experience each time you play. We originally had a port planned, using entry points such as a ship, ground, helicopter and similar exit ways, with objectives being stealing objects, blowing up shipping containers and looking for manifests.

But this proved to much, Creating this system would have been too much so we scaled down to a small harbour map using similar objectives and points, But this ended up being too open and didn’t feel balanced.

So we went and planned a tight smaller map based in New York, in a run down industrial area using a half and half of inside areas and outside areas trying to balance for each player and their roles and actions and have ended up with this so far:


other designs:

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