After all the problems and camera change, We talked ad decided to go in a new direction with the styling. We have decided to go in a style similar to TV series Archer (FX network), a hyper realistic cartoon style:


We have decided to go for a setting with no time period, similar to Archer. The main setting will be that of a 1950’s – 1960’s but we will also pick and choose stuff from anywhere between 1930 – now.

We are setting the game world in a run down, industrial area of new York by the river, giving a view of the opposite skyline and the bridges down the river.

We are going for the 1950-60 era because it gives the view of Spys as a Trench coat / smocking type view. This fits well to slow down the game play and allow easier sneaking without thinking that you need to have all these tools and have to be fast, Like Hitman.

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