With the prototype complete I am now moving into creating the full game. There has also been two other people added to the development on this, A texture artist from Falmouth university and a Music student from Plymouth university.

Going on We have been changing a few things and coming up with new ideas:

We have decided to keep the top down but going to a more isometric view
We are going for huge open maps
Each map has multiple entrance points for the hider and seeker
Hider now has objectives to complete in the round, once complete is able to escape
There are multiple escape points in each map
Objectives are randomized each game based on Spawn location, and the escape zone is then randomized on the objective placement


I am still continuing to use Unity Pro as it has a great scripting framework and shaders and other objects to use, that I can continue to build upon. I am also continuing to use Autodesk 3DS max for modelling, photoshop for textures and audacity for audio editing.

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