A week since the last post I have got quite a bit done, There is now character controls and a few geometry models and ambient sounds:

The top down viewpoint poised the problem of how to do inside buildings, To sort this out every building has the bottom floor modelled. On top of that is a basic model doing the outside of each floor and the roof, Once in game I apply a script that takes in the player distance and hides the top model when the player comes close.

One problem with this is once the roof is removed directional light is no longer blocked to be able to have dark rooms, To fix this I had an polygon that covers the floor at ceiling level. This polygon faces downwards into the building so it cannot be seen from above in game, but it still blocks the light.

One last problem is that each player cannot see each other, but when one player comes close to a roof it hides it for both. This was fixed by having 2 top models created on each models, One top model was applied to the Seeker layer and the other to the Hider layer.


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