RainMeter skins

RainMeter – Qwertee desktop viewer

My new Rainmeter skin is a desktop Qwertee viewer, You can view Today’s t-shirt and last chance t-shirt as-well has having quick links to the sites many areas. This skin features 3 styles: left: http://www.kennyist.com/rainmeter/bigl.png Top: http://www.kennyist.com/rainmeter/bigt.png right: http://www.kennyist.com/rainmeter/bigr.png The t-shirt views have model change just like the website and Read more…

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RainMeter skins

Rainmeter – Steam group viewer

I have made a steam group viewer for Rain-meter, This works with any group as long as they have the minimum of:

  • 2 announcements
  • 4 discussions
Due to how rain-meter gets the information from the page. This skin displays Announcements, discussions, group info and comments from the group in a compact easy to use skin. If you are an admin of the group on display and can also enable admin tools which display on the side bar aswell. (more…)

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Android Jelly Bean Skin (BETA) for rainmeter

This is an outdated version! New version can be found here http://blog.kennyist.com/?p=730

Just released a beta version of my Android Jelly Bean skin for rainmeter. This skin is a remake of the Jelly bean GUI for windows, This skin features the Task bar with:
  • Battery Monitor / stats
  • Wifi monitor / stats
  • Hard drive monitor / stats
Also features Widget remakes such as:
  • Email widget
  • Youtube Widget
  • Google search
  • Clock

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