Virus Game

Virus game week 8 – New HuD, Kongregate API and more

This week due to Assignments and tests i haven't been able to do much, This weeks updates include:

  • New HuD design,
  • End screen with high scores,
  • Kongregate API for scores,
  • Respawning AI,
  • Ammo pickups,
  • new ways to fail,
  • Bigger map,
  • A bug that caused Bouncing ammo but kept due to people liking it.
I have been getting ideas from people as-well, What has been suggested: (more…)

By kennyist, ago

Android Jelly Bean Skin (BETA) for rainmeter

This is an outdated version! New version can be found here

Just released a beta version of my Android Jelly Bean skin for rainmeter. This skin is a remake of the Jelly bean GUI for windows, This skin features the Task bar with:
  • Battery Monitor / stats
  • Wifi monitor / stats
  • Hard drive monitor / stats
Also features Widget remakes such as:
  • Email widget
  • Youtube Widget
  • Google search
  • Clock

By kennyist, ago